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Each issue of Canadian CIO will look at the business outcomes driving IT investments in large public and private sector enterprises. It will provide a framework for effectively moving from ideas to action.

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ADVERTISING FEATURE ney? Are we fulfilling our strategy? Does my "secret sauce" give us competitive advantage? Love—whose own secret sauce is to reduce ope- rational complexity— has no qualms around sugges- ting that he expects to ultimately see about 80 per cent of IT resources fulfilled over cloud. It just makes sense, and business already know that. "They outsource today. That's just another way of moving pro- cesses to the cloud." A survey conducted last fall by Computer World Canada's sister magazine CIO Canada showed some aggressive cloud adoption in Canada already. Of the 200 enterprise CIOs and IT managers, 10 per cent said they are already delivering half their IT workloads come more of a marketer, more in tune with business strategy and understand that they are running an eco-system not an infrastructure... A smart IT leader better be- dern IT leader, stresses Love, and one of the major challenges facing the IT department, which, he says, must learn to present to the business results that are sometimes a ways off and "far down the chain." Still, it is those results that are crucial to demons- trate and consider when justifying cloud migration. He urges IT leaders to think in old- fashioned terms around business success, to fully and properly clas- sify their architecture and to look at what model fits and does not fit at every layer. CEO and Managing Partner, Chelsea Consulting Group Jim Love via cloud. The same survey found 32 per cent of those surveyed look to Microsoft as their provider of cloud computing technology, while nearly a quarter more saw themselves as potential users of Microsoft cloud offerings. While the survey found attitudes split among IT leaders, again one-quarter of respondents saw the model as a long-term strategy. Finding cloud's role in long-term strategy is an important role for the mo- "Can I make it easier for the business to do IT?" he says to ask. "Make it simple. Don't mystify this stuff. Don't even talk about public, private or hybrid; talk about capa- bilities and business outcomes." "We get 'featuritis' in IT, and we have to ask ourselves at each juncture, is what we're suggesting better or just different?"

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